Stories of people
who have experienced
the benefits of HYA™-50

Testimonials from customers who have actually experienced CUMEC's postbiotics supplement HYA™-50 are very important to us. We are always humbled to hear from our customers.

The happiest thing is to be able to eat what you want to eat.

Glad to see the sense of stagnation starting to flow

Safe because the supplements are made of naturally derived ingredients

Anyway, a feeling of eing refreshed<br>after one week of daily use.

Unprecedented Experience

We are the first in the world to develop CUMEC's HYA™-50, a postbitotics supplement with a high concentration of the postbiotic ingredient HYA™, with the aim of bringing the benefits of advanced research to people around the world as quickly as possible. It promises an unprecedented new experience to enhance inner balance.

Direct delivery

HYA™-50 is only sold online. This is because we want to deliver it directly from us, CUMEC, to you, our valued customers. We deliver the beauty and health brought by Postbiotics with gratitude to each and every one of you.

Stories of people who have elevated HYA™
to an art form.

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