"HYA™-50" reboots
the gut microbiome.

CUMEC’s postbiotics supplement "HYA™-50" is a luxurious blend of HYA™, a rare postbiotic ingredient created by the metabolism of gut microbes. Its essence takes care of your inner balance and maintains your health as if you were taking a shower of beauty.

Experience the golden glow
of the extract.

HYA™-50 is a shining golden color inside the capsule. Feel the beauty you deserve awaken through a new habit of supplementing your body directly with HYA™, a metabolic component of gut microbes to enhance your inner balance.

The Postbiotics.

What makes this product different from conventional probiotics and prebiotics is that it incorporates HYA™, a metabolic component of gut microbes, directly into the body. Postbiotics ingredients produced by gut microbes maintain your health from the inside out.

Go for the style you deserve.

HYA™ not only increases GLP-1 and PYY levels and takes care of sugar levels and appetite, it also goes deep into your inner balance. Get a new daily routine that maintains your good shape while enjoying your favorite gastronomy delights.

We would also like to share with you
our proof of trust.

The practical application of HYA™ has been adopted as a project subsidized by the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO), a national research and development corporation. With the support of the government, research and development is being promoted and we have patented technology.

*"Venture Support Program for Practical Application of Innovation" in 2013, "Project for Promotion of Bridge R&D to Medium and Small Enterprises" in 2015, and "Project for Promotion of Bridge R&D to Medium and Small Enterprises (Second Supplementary Budget for Fiscal Year 2016)" in 2016.

CUMEC’s Postbiotics Collection