The gut as a cosmic explorer

Just as there are countless stars in the sky, there is an unknown universe in the human body. Researchers have been exploring the existence of approximately 100 trillion microorganisms in the intestines using proprietary technology and data. Finally, they have come up with a new innovation called "Postbiotics".

No one knows
the function
of metabolites.

Now that the functions of gut microbes are attracting attention, it has become clear that it is not the bacteria themselves, but the substances metabolized by the microbes that are directly related to our beauty and health. This is what CUMEC's "Postbiotics", the world's pioneer in this field, is all about.

The third area

Unlike conventional probiotics and prebiotics, Postbiotics is a new healthcare concept that incorporates the metabolic components of gut microbes directly into the body. It is a hope for those of us who live busy lives, as it helps to maintain beauty and health from the inside out by taking care of the inner balance.

How could
we have discovered it?

Why were "Postbiotics" discovered? It is because the invisible world of microscopic bacteria has become "visible" through technological innovation. We were among the first to concentrate our research resources in this field and are a leader in Postbiotics research. The product of this work is CUMEC's HYA™. It has been patented in many countries around the world.

*Patented technology: Patent No. 6340523 (US 9707200, Europe 2913051, China 104902887), Patent No. 6241681 (US 9539229, Europe 2959897, China 104994846)

Rare Metabolic Components

We pioneered Postbiotics research by searching for useful metabolic components produced by gut microbes. The steady work, which was like searching for a single star in the vastness of space, was supported by the resolute will and passion of our researchers. Finally, they found a rare crystal called HYA™.

If you don't have it,
you must make it.

The intestines are a space-like environment with no oxygen. To produce the postbiotic ingredient HYA™, a special facility was needed to reproduce the intestinal environment. The researchers themselves were involved in the design and over a long period of time completed a one-of-a-kind culture facility. By reacting naturally occurring plant oils with the special bacteria at high density, they succeeded in producing the postbiotic ingredient "HYA™" at a high purity.

Of course,
it is high quality.

In the production of HYA™, we not only stick to naturally derived raw materials and manufacturing methods, but also remove impurities and thoroughly control the production line. We are ensuring that HYA™ is safe for people to take.

CUMEC’s Postbiotics Collection