Creating beauty and wellness
from the gut microbiome.

CUMEC is not just a health care brand that offers supplements. It is a comprehensive healthcare brand that delivers the results of many years of research on gut microbes to help people achieve beauty and wellness from the gut microbiome.

We believe in science.

All of CUMEC's services and products are based on solid research. We believe that research is the key to delivering beauty and health. We promise to deliver the results of our accumulated research to our customers as quickly as possible.

Because we are

We are proud to be a leading brand in advanced the microbome research, and we will continue to give you feedback of research our results based on our overwhelming library. We will continue to be a healthcare brand that customers choose because of CUMEC.

a sustainable world

The entire world is now working toward the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). One of these is the introduction of clean technologies and environmentally friendly industrial processes. HYA™ is a future "green bioproduct" made from naturally occurring plant oils through microbial synthesis. The result is an advanced bioprocess. The next generation of technology will realize a bioeconomy society and deliver cyclical health around the world.

CUMEC’s Postbiotics Collection